How to sell Internet bandwidth and make even more money


How to sell Internet bandwidth and make even more money

Once you get the hang of how to sell Internet bandwidth with Peer2Profit, you will inevitably wonder how to earn more. And here’s when this blog comes handy.

2-5 months ago you started to use our platform. You’ve learnt how to sell Internet bandwidth for pocket money as you make 4-15 dollars per month. In case of active participation and employing numerous devices your income reaches 20-30 dollars a month. And then you think you can grow bigger…

It’s high time you learnt how to use your referral link. Without sharing it, you are losing out on the money that you could be making. And this is about 3% of the lifetime earnings from all new users having your referral link when they sign up using it. Let’s get into more detail about the process.

As our user, you are already profiting from the program of bandwidth selling. Joining the affiliate system gives you money bonuses, which means you can earn extra cash. Actively sharing your referral link you can get 5.7 times more money. If you share your referral link, you get 20% extra from what you already have! If you are familiar with figures, calculate the total amount – multiply your current amount to 20 percent! 

Risks and catches

Ok, what’s the catch, you may ask. No catch whatsoever! Peer2Profit is free to download, requires no investment or further payments. We will never cause users to go over their internet mobile limit or home data plan. You only run the application when you’re connected to Wi-Fi or have an unlimited mobile data plan. Also, we do not collect any information from your device, so your files and pictures are secure. The only minus of the app may be that it eats your battery life. But rest assured, even keeping the app on all day, the smartphone won’t run out of life. 

Hopefully we’ve answered the question of how to sell Internet bandwidth and max out of it. Get on that game of running the app as often as possible and share your referral link with acquaintances. Let your friends, family, coworkers and even neighbors join in! Because maybe they too are on the lookout for a passive income!