How to sell internet bandwidth for extra cash


How to sell internet bandwidth for extra cash

Is there a program, a system or an application that gives you money for nothing?

What if you hear yes?

Are you ready to accept that today there are a few ways to earn money for doing absolutely nothing? These systems have been designed for people to get easy money, and do all the work for you. 

How about the risks, you may ask. No worries, though. We’ve foreseen your fears and created a program that gives you security. And as for the amount of money you can earn, it’s up to you as it depends on your activity. You want pocket money – you get it in the first month of using it, you want extra cash – nothing prevents you from it!

Tell me how it works!

All you need to get extra cash is begin to sell your internet bandwidth. To many it sounds odd: how can Internet bandwidth be sold? Peer2Profit answers your question in a FAQ

In short, our app works harvesting your computer’s idle connection, and pays you for each Gigabyte. This means that if you leave your computer or device running for as long as possible with the Internet switched on, you get paid more.

While our app runs quietly in the background, you do things about the house. You can run the app on as many PCs, laptops and phones as you’d like. The longer you use the idle power, the more you get paid. Try inviting friends and coworkers via your referral link to see how your bill grows. Peer2profit pays diligently for each referral added to your account.

Trusted by tens of thousands of users all over the globe, Peer2Profit’s community keeps growing. Just like other users, you’ll get the hang of how to sell internet bandwidth for extra cash over time. Give it a try, 2-3 months to test it, and then check your balance. If you like what you see, you can always withdraw money to your PayPal account, or Visa card, or another payment system!