How Peer2Profit keeps its users' data safe


When users sell unused bandwidth with Peer2Profit through an online earning app, they receive one of the types of passive income streams. In this article, we will take a quick look at how to sell unused bandwidth and how our platform keeps user and customer data secure.

How to sell unused bandwidth?

Our online earning app brings users profit by selling part of the Internet connection channel. Technically it looks like this:

  1. after registering on the platform website, the user installs the application on available devices and activates it using the login (email);
  2. while the devices are online, the application works as a network proxy node;
  3. platform clients — companies and commercial organizations use the proxy network for legal and ethical purposes;
  4. part of the data passes through the user's connection channel;
  5. for the traffic provided by the user, the company pays a monetary reward.

When using this technology, customers and users are interested in data security. Below, we'll look at ways to protect both sides of traffic selling.

How is user data secured?

To protect the interests of users, we work in 3 directions:

  • limiting application functions, 
  • selecting bandwidth buyers,
  • monitoring the proxy network.

The Peer2Profit online earning app does not request access to files or browser history. Operations with the received profit are carried out in the monitoring window, and not in the application. The application does not request numbers of electronic wallets or bank cards, does not withdraw funds from the user's account. So the user is guaranteed the safety of files, the safety of device resources and the protection of profits.

When selecting buyers to connect to the Network, KYC (“know your customer”) standards are applied. We collect and verify information about customers, and collect a list of purposes for which throughput is purchased. This ensures transparency of income sources.

Proxy network monitoring excludes its use for dubious and ethically illegal purposes. Thus, it is controlled that this type of passive income streams from the sale of throughput is obtained legally.

How is company data protected?

Platform customers acquire bandwidth to solve business tasks: advertising analytics, price comparison with competitors' products, search engine optimization of sites, collection of information from open sources.

When using a proxy, data passes through users' devices. We use encryption protocols to prevent leakage of information in network nodes.

Also, network monitoring reveals difficulties in individual nodes and helps to switch to alternative channels. Thus, we guarantee our customers the stability and speed of information transfer.

Thus, the platform protects the interests of both sides of the sale of unused bandwidth, ensures the stability of connection and information transfer, and provides a passive income from the sale of connection to the Network in a transparent, legal and ethical way.

For more information about the Peer2Profit online earning app and other types of passive income streams, visit our blog. Also, if you have additional questions, we recommend contacting the support service.