How to make money sharing your internet


Earning additional income has become much easier once the Internet was invented. The World Wide Web makes it possible to profit from the Internet – without investment, commission, documents’ collection and registration. In fact, this is a way of making money while you do nothing. How is this possible, you ask?

Peer2Profit invites you to check for yourself how you can profit from the Internet! We are a pioneering bandwidth monetization tool. We’ve set up a unique system of making money sharing internet connection, which works for you and instead of you! And all you need to join the program is to download the app and start sharing your Wi-Fi.

How to make money online and get $ 1000 per month

Distribute the power of a Wi-Fi router (mobile or cable Internet) by sharing unused gigabytes of tariff with acquaintances, colleagues and friends. This is how it works:

1. You share extra bandwidth with those who really need it.

2. You get paid for a gigabyte.

3. You extend your referral network and generate larger profit as they pay you for the bandwidth.

Peer2Profit uses home internet running in the background to perform tasks on its server. We work – you make money sharing your internet. This is the easiest way to increase and build up passive income. Our users turn $ 100 into $ 1,000 per month effortlessly, earning money on bandwidth via the referral system.

Peer2Profit: it works while you rest

Peer2Profit is a perfect way to get money online without prepayment.

Who can make use of it:

  • Those who need passive income;
  • Anyone who wants to make money even on weekends and vacation;
  • Those who are ready to try network marketing;
  • Those who look for how to make money sharing their internet.

The application is available for Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Android smartphones.