How to make money selling internet data


What are you doing at the moment? Reading this blog? But just before you found this page, you were browsing the internet. It’s time you knew you can earn from the Internet and eventually make a good steady income through it. Why not start right away and learn how to sell Internet data online?

You can find heaps of ways how to make money selling internet data. Most of them require investments, security-doubtful and bring little to no profit. So in the end you get discouraged. We came up with an easy and trustworthy method of money-making! Peer2profit offers a safe and profitable option. With it, securely and anonymously users turn their idle bandwidth into insights for companies and get rewarded for it.

Your connection – your benefit

The internet data has a lot of value for companies and they are ready to pay for it. An idle Internet connection is used to collect information from the Web and conduct market research. Many companies use the collected data to compare prices, to plan SEO strategies, to protect their own brand etc. You learn how to sell data online and benefit from it in the future. Peer2profit helps you do it acting as an agent between you and companies. Our app helps to convert Gigabytes into cash.

Rewarding for your unused bandwidth 

This is how you can make money selling internet data:

  1. Install our app on your PC or phone.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Get access to your personal account.
  4. Start using the system (keep the app open when your Internet connection is idle).
  5. Keep track of your earnings.
  6. To earn more, refer acquaintances and friends through a referral link.

You get more money for each referred user. Active participation guarantees you growth of your income as you invite more and more people to join in via the referral link.

With Peer2profit, you start from pocket money and end up making up to $ 1,000 per month!

You work anonymously and securely

Your data on the PC or phone is always anonymous, which means no company has access to personal files. The encryption system implies that it hides personal information from unauthorized persons. In their Personal Account our users have access to the transparent statistics of their referrals. You can see and block users who join via your link.

It's a win-win

Ever wonder how people find and maintain a passive income? Perhaps they have found a way to make money while shopping, eating or sleeping, and so can you! Analyze how much time your connection is idle and how many bytes of your data plan remain unused. Why not benefit from it?

  • You download the app for free. 
  • You let it run in the background. 
  • You see cash coming to your wallet as a reward from companies for sharing connection. 
  • And, you can cancel it anytime. It’s a risk-free program of how to make money selling internet data, but if a person is in doubt, they can always stop using the app. 

Reviews on Trustpilot

See what our users have to say. The Trustpilot has over 200 reviews on Peer2profit with how to begin, keep earning and grow bigger. 

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