How to earn and what to choose: passive income or freelance


Peer2Profit will say their say about present-day ways of earning. Our team has a lot of experience when it's about making money (not only by sharing the Internet!). Today, there are three main methods of earning: full-time jobs, freelancing, and passive income.

Let’s be real, full-timing doesn't fit everyone. While some people do well in them, others prefer flexibility in their already-busy lives. With a full-time occupation everything seems clear, so let’s check out the other two.

Passive income vs. freelance jobs

The Internet alone offers heaps of ways to get passive income. The same with freelance jobs. Which of them to pick? Which of the two is the best alternative? It’s not easy to say because the choice depends on who and what you are, what you look for in a job, how much you want to earn.

Are you a student?

Are you a stay-at-home mother?

Do you belong to older generations?

Since there is not much beginner-friendly information, many people don’t even know what passive income is and what freelancing is. What are the differences? Which option is better for them? So let’s break both of them down and see what they’re all about!

Freelance job

Freelancing is also known as contract work or self-employment. It lands in the middle between being employed and having your own business. In the freelance field, it’s you who decides which projects to take on, how to spend time on them, where to get your clients, and how much to charge them. Yes, you don’t have to commute and have full freedom, yet here come new responsibilities, like

  • finding clients, 
  • billing them, 
  • paying business taxes.

Common freelance jobs include:

  • Programming and web/mobile development.
  • Writing, translating, and editing.
  • Email marketing and social media management.
  • Accounting and tax consulting.
  • Design and animation.

Freelance is not about earning money for nothing – it is about working a lot! Some people often confuse it with passive income, but in truth freelance jobs are way different from it. Also, freelancing is not passive at all, as no one is going to present you with money for doing nothing. Freelancing is for people who are disciplined, motivated, ready to work hard. Peer2Profit advises our users to think twice before quitting their full-time job in favor of freelancing!

Who is freelance for:

  1. Those who need extra flexibility in terms of time and location. 
  2. Students who attend classes at various times.
  3. Mothers who have some time apart from taking care of their babies or kids.
  4. People who routinely divide their time between two or more cities.

Passive income

It is passive income that lets you make money sharing your Internet. It is passive income that gives you absolute freedom. It is passive income that works while you do other things. In this case, money keeps coming in to your wallet on its own. Provided you have settled up the system.

“The greater the passive income you can build, the freer you will become,” says Todd M. Fleming, the founder of The Kingdom Real Estate and Power Of Finance. Passive earning can help end people’s financial suffering and even create wealth. With the right mindset and approach, it can build better habits in people’s lives.

By earning passively many people:

-Retire earlier.

-Dedicate more time to their hobbies and family. 

-Make good money on the side.

To many Internet users the idea of a passive income sounds enticing, but just like with freelancing, finding a way to earn more is not easy. There are tons of pitfalls. 

For example:

  • If you want to enjoy regular income from a rental property, you’ll have to buy (and furnish, and decorate) it first.
  • If you plan to earn through the stock market, you’ll have to obtain some stocks.
  • If you wish to live on the profits of selling books or online courses, prepare to spend time creating and perfecting them.
  • If you lay hopes on web-sites/programs/applications, they require investments. Others pay very little. And the rest are not safe to use.

Speaking of the latter. Money-making apps are becoming more popular. 

You can make money sharing your Internet

If you’ve decided to quit your full-time job and find a way to freelance, or just want to earn money besides your regular job, check on what Peer2Profit has to offer. Our money-making app helps to profit from Internet sharing. You will start with monthly savings enough to cover your streaming platform subscriptions. And if all goes well, you will reach $ 1,000 per month. 

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