How do I spend my income from sharing Internet


First, let’s see the factors that influence how much money you can make sharing your Internet with Peer2Profit and then we’ll focus on where you can spend your earnings.

3 factors that influence your income

The number one factor is location. Your earnings depend on where you are located to a big extent. If the traffic demand required for our business clients is high for your area, you’ll earn more. The number of users in your area is important too. The fewer the people and the higher the demand, the better your income!

How many IP addresses you connect matters. This rule is simple: the more IP addresses you provide, the more you earn. For this reason, it is smart to connect to different ISPs with various devices at work, at home, etc. You can come to your family, or drop by your good friends’ house, or visit the coworkers you are on good terms with, and share your Internet and make money.

And last, but not least, is speed. Network ping and speed decide your benefit. To see nice cash flow in, aim for a speed over 50Mbps and a ping less than 50ms. 

What you need to do to make money sharing your Internet

  • Our app is available for any Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Android device with a stable Internet connection. 

  • See the list of available payment methods, choose one suiting you (Webmoney, Visa, Bitcoins, ЮMoney, PayPal, MasterCard, Qiwi Wallet). 

  • Check if you are connected to a high speed Internet, and run the app for as long as possible.

  • After a month or two of regular usage, you can estimate your result. Keep running the app to earn further, and take advantage of the affiliate program to increase the income in times.

Where to spend your passive income

After a few months of sharing your Internet you’ve made about $10. This is the beginning and pocket money to spend or save. In a little while as the sum grows you can start to cover your monthly expenses (Internet data plan on Wi-Fi and mobile), use as in-game currency, buy memberships, pay for Netflix, premium subscriptions and VIP accounts (Twitch Prime, Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium), download and listen music, e-books and audio books, etc.

Once your income goes over a hundred dollar mark, you’re getting serious. Time to think about investing in bigger things. We are not here to talk about financial literacy, so you see for yourself. Hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot will give you enough food for thought. Our users are willing to tell their success stories as well as where they spend money made by sharing Internet!