How do I make up for lost money when I’m not selling bandwidth?


This is one of the most popular questions we get asked. Peer2Profit is here with the answer to how you can recoup your money if you haven’t been selling bandwidth for a while. But first, let’s dive into the question and see why our users may lose their earnings.

Situation number one is when you move places and stop using our app. Say, you are a student who graduated from a linguistic university and decided to go live in the country which language you’ve learned. Or you are a couple who want to get bigger in life so you move from a town to the main city to get the best of its opportunities. Or you could be an avid traveler who changes locations to see the world’s beauty. Reasons differ — the result is the same: the moment you stop selling bandwidth for money, you see a significant drop in your income.

Situation number two is when you use our app at a densely populated place. When there are a large number of people in your area sharing the Internet, you may notice how little you earn. This is because in highly populated countries, regions, and spots there is little demand for traffic from our business clients. E.g. India and China are very populated, so no wonder traffic rates are lower there. Supply and demand is a human-related, not automatic, point, but Peer2Profit aims to balance out the system. Our goal is to reward the users as equally as possible.

The best way to recoup your lost earnings

Once you decide to sell bandwidth for money, just start using the Peer2Profit app again. This is how you can recoup the earnings you have lost — join the affiliate program. The affiliate system means you share your referral link so it brings referrals. The more people join through your link, the more money you earn. You will receive 50% of the earnings of every referral friend who you invited to sign up. This is your lucky chance to make up for the cash you need.

The best thing about sharing your link is that it allows you to keep earning effortlessly even when you’re unable to use Peer2Profit. When you have no Internet at the hotel, or your home Wi-Fi suddenly shuts down, or you are camping in remote areas, your active referrals are bringing you money. 

  • The more referred friends you have, the bigger cash you see,
  • The more active they are, the more you earn.

Isn’t it lovely? With a refer-a-friend program you are always sure you have money in your pocket even when you’re off selling bandwidth: in business trips, round-the-world transfers, in-town travels, etc.