Home money-makers: freelance vs. passive income


How many types of money-makers can you name? How many of them make money from home? We know at least two types, and let’s talk about them in today’s post. 

To make it clear, money-makers are those who feed their family by doing freelance or passive income sources. While most of us bring bread home by working full-time, these people prefer different ways of earning. For some of them, their way has become quite fruitful. Let’s discuss, which is better, to freelance or to make money with high speed Internet as an option of passive income.

Freelance jobs

Freelancing is also known as contract work or self-employment. It lands in the middle between being employed and having your own business. You don’t have to commute, you have full freedom, yet here you come across new responsibilities, like:

  • finding clients,
  • billing them,
  • paying business taxes.

Freelance is not about earning money for nothing — it is about working a lot! Some people often confuse it with passive income, but in truth freelancing is way different from it. And further, freelancing is not passive at all, as no one is going to present you with money for doing nothing. Freelance jobs are for people who are disciplined, motivated, ready to work hard. Peer2profit advises our users to think twice before quitting their full-time job in favor of freelancing!

Passive income

It is passive income that gives you absolute freedom. It is passive income that works while you do other things. In this case, money keeps coming in to your wallet on its own. Provided you have settled up the system (in our case, it means making money with high speed Internet).

The philosophy behind comfortable passive earnings is to find the source or sources that work for you while you do nothing. Let’s put it straight, first you need to set it up, give it a go, see how it works, and after a while you see the source pay you. Again, most of the sources won’t be as excellent as they seem — they don’t give you enough freedom, enough privacy, and most importantly, enough money! 

Contrary to them, our system offers all of these, and more. 

  1. Peer2Profit’s users put as little effort as possible. 
  2. They focus on other aspects of life while our app is quietly running in the background.
  3. We ensure their privacy, security so they don’t worry about personal information leakage.
  4. Our people make good money on the side while all they have to do is use high speed Internet.

Other ways of home money-making

You can find other, somewhat easy, ways to make money from home.

  • A few home money-makers utilize apps for clicking ads. Obviously, they don’t get bored by clicking thousands of pictures a day.
  • Other guys prefer completing surveys. Most people would find it tiresome as it takes a good amount of effort to make as little as $ 100.
  • There are men and women who take advantage of review sites. They spend their time typing reviews, and get paid for each review whenever a guest comes and reads one. 

See for yourself, but we find Peer2Profit a much easier way to make money. With high speed Internet you monetize your traffic, which is perfect for individuals with little to no free time. It is our app that does all the work, and you don’t have to stir a finger! 

The time spent on clicking/typing is calculated in hours a day — the time spent on launching our app is seconds. You launch it, you leave it running throughout the day, you do your stuff and come back to see dollars in your wallet. After that, you will only need to withdraw the sum via a convenient payout system, once you reach the minimum threshold. Simple.