Free Money Day with Peer2Profit


Free Money Day is an unusual event that takes place annually on September 15th.

In this article we will talk about this holiday. And at the same time, let's see if such a day has anything in common with our Peer2Profit platform, where users find passive income streams ideas.

What holiday is Free Money Day?

On September 15, 2008, the crisis began in the USA. The reason for this was that the American investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

To mark the day, in 2011 the Post Growth Institute proposed an unusual social experiment called Free Money Day.

The rules of participation are as follows: you give a stranger an even amount of money (two coins, two banknotes of any convenient denomination) with the condition that he or she will give half of this amount to someone else.

The authors of the experiment set a goal to draw people's attention to their attitude towards finance. They wanted to show the possibility of mutual distribution and consumption of money. The experiment also showed differences in how trustworthy strangers are when they offer you bills or coins. Someone willingly took them, but it is not known whether they shared half of the funds further. Someone with a positive attitude would agree to accept the money and give half to another stranger. Some people treated the offer with suspicion, distrust, and even refused to take it. 

If you're looking for passive income streams ideas, you would love to be in Thailand, Great Britain, Argentina, the USА, Australia, and more on Free Money Day. In 2011, in Sydney, participants in the action handed out $1,000.

Over the years, festival participants have come up with many new ways to share money. Someone left it in public places, accompanied by a note asking to share half the amount. Someone used bank transfers instead.

Peer2Profit and free bandwidth

Similar to the goals of the Free Money Day experiment, our platform has similar goals in terms of network bandwidth. We help distribute bandwidth between those users who have extra gigabytes and those who need high-speed Internet in their daily work. Companies and their communities use the collection, transmission and analysis of huge amounts of information to solve business tasks:

  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertising;
  • detection of advertising fraud;
  • website optimization for search engines;
  • comparison of prices with similar products of competitors;
  • brand protection: search for fake websites, logos, products.

When you sell bandwidth through the Peer2Profit app, you receive not only passive income. You also contribute to the development of the global economy through the development of affordable powerful data transmission channels.

Wherever you live, be it Argentina or Thailand, Great Britain or Australia, a small portion of your network connection helps you make money selling bandwidth and creating a network of proxy connections around the world for our corporate clients.

How to become a Peer2Profit user?

To start making money selling bandwidth, just follow 3 steps:

  1. sign up with the platform by entering your email as a login and choosing your preferred method of receiving payments;
  2. download the application and install it on your device or multiple devices (it is available for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac-OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h);
  3. sign in to all instances of the app on all devices and leave the devices online.

The bandwidth selling goes on in the background without the need for your control. Companies encourage you to share bandwidth, so you get paid for every gigabyte you donate.

The general distribution of free money is just an unusual holiday. The sharing of free bandwidth is already a reality. By the way, try sharing your bandwidth earnings with other people on Free Money Day. This is how you help our platform join the celebration.

Visit our blog to learn more about how to make money selling bandwidth more efficiently, other passive income streams ideas, and how companies use purchased gigabytes to share Big Data.

If you have questions or difficulties with the application, feel free to contact our support.