East or West — Peer2Profit is best!


Today we are going to talk about geography and how your location influences your earnings. For those who don’t know, Peer2Profit is a traffic monetization tool, a share and earn money app helping you to sell bandwidth. The more Internet connection you share, the bigger your payment. However, your income depends on more than this.

Working with Peer2Profit is easy: a few minutes to sign up, download our application, install it, set it up and run on your device. We support all countries so there’s no limit to our network, people from Greenland to New Zealand, all 6 continents can join us. At this stage it looks fine.

How much you earn depends on your location

As long as you reside in the same country, same city and same house, you have zero questions how our share and earn money app works:

  • you turn on the Internet,
  • you open the app,
  • you let it sell bandwidth.

You might start asking questions when you go out to eat, or go visit your friends, or move houses, or travel abroad on vacation. In all said cases you notice how your income varies; at some places you gain more, others bring you less. Here’s the answer: your income depends on your location.

As described in our FAQ, the demand for traffic from countries, cities and areas is heterogeneous, it is changeable and unpredictable. If the network requires traffic from your location (country, town, spot), then you will earn more. There are places that are less popular in our network. Same with ISPs, some of the providers are on high demand, others are not.

So what’s with my location?

With Peer2Profit you sell bandwidth for money. It is a chain of three links: users who sell, us who act as a link, and businesses who buy and pay. Because there are business companies on one end, and users on the other, here rules the law of supply and demand. Some of our clients take advantage of location-specific traffic. When you go out to a café or see relatives in the countryside, it makes little difference to your traffic’s overall value. What changes in those cases is your IP address. Because of this you may see a different income.

Overall, your income depends on the location and the amount of data required for the network to work. The amount of Internet traffic varies all the time, which affects your income directly.

A serious influence on your income is when there are a large number of people in your area sharing the Internet. This is why in densely populated countries, regions, and spots our users make less money. India and China are densely populated places so no wonder traffic rates are lower there. Supply and demand is a human-related, not automatic, point, but Peer2Profit aims to balance out the system. Our goal is to reward the users as equally as possible.

How can I recoup my earnings?

If you moved places and saw a significant drop in your income, you can always recoup it. This is exactly why we came up with the affiliate program. Share your referral link actively so it brings new referrals. The more people join, the more money you earn. You will receive 50% of the earnings of every referral friend who you invited to join Peer2Profit. This is your lucky chance to make up for the cash you need.

Remember, you can use our service anywhere and profit from business trips, round-the-world transfers or in-town travels. You turn on Wi-Fi, run our app, see the green light on, and you’re ready to sell bandwidth! And don’t forget to grab your money every now and then; we offer multiple payout methods for your convenience.