Checklist for a successful affiliate program


The Peer2Profit platform is one of the types of passive income streams. Our online earning app brings a stable passive income to users by selling the excess part of the connection to the Network. When you sell extra bandwidth, it is legal and does not require any investment or effort other than registering on the platform and installing the app.

For active users, we have an affiliate program to generate additional income by attracting new users. In this article, we will look at how an affiliate program works and what are the key points for success in its development.

Affiliate program

The affiliate program requires the active participation of the user, but if successful, it guarantees one of the types of passive income streams without using your own devices and connecting to the Web.

A personal referral link is available to users in the monitoring window of the platform application. By copying the link and inviting a new user using it, you become a member of the program, and the invited user becomes your referral.

As long as referrals' devices sell extra bandwidth, you get 50% of their profits. The income of the referral itself does not decrease. To do this, the referral's profit is multiplied by 150%, after which 50% goes to the affiliate program member.

The number of referrals of one participant is not limited. The question is how to attract more referrals.

Keys to success in the affiliate program

Each participant chooses the tactics of attracting referrals independently. Our platform recommends following the guidelines below to expand your referral network.

Our blog

Future referrals will ask questions about Peer2Profit, how our online earning app will sell extra bandwidth, how much profit it brings, who gets the extra network connection and for what. We cover all these topics in our blog posts. This will help you better understand how the platform works and prepare you to answer popular newbie questions.

The first referrals are relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues

Try your hand at marketing to people you know. But do not try to force people to use the referral link. In an attempt to attract the first referrals, it is not success that is important, but the formation of tactics for communicating on issues of passive income, selling a connection to the Network. Be polite, honest, take criticism calmly, try to answer all questions. In this way, you will form a suitable strategy, identify your own mistakes and evaluate what information about the operation of the platform excites people who are not familiar with it.

Social networks

The social network account will become a platform for the distribution of the referral link among a wide range of people. In addition to honesty, courtesy and calmness, promoting a link on a social network will require compliance with additional conditions.

First, follow the rules of the social network. If the distribution of links to third-party sites is prohibited, it will be difficult to find referrals.

Second, avoid spam. That is, you can’t write about our platform often or try to send someone a referral link in a private message several times.

Third, try to systematically maintain the social network. Find a topic on which you can write articles, make videos, or make audio podcasts. With the growth of the popularity of your page, the trust of other visitors to the network and the possibility of distributing a referral link will grow.


There are forums, communities and groups on the Internet, whose visitors are looking for types of passive income streams, discussing mining options and other ways to make money on the Web.

After joining the community, you should find a suitable topic where it is appropriate to share a referral link, if allowed by the rules. Or indicate that you are ready to share the link via messages. Other aspects of communication are similar to social networks: compliance with the rules, no spam, politeness, acceptance of criticism, answers to all questions of future referrals.

The expansion of the referral network is an active work of the platform user. But an affiliate program can outperform your own devices. If only two referrals use our online earning app, it generates a profit similar to what you would get from selling bandwidth from one IP address.

Based on our recommendations and your own experience, you will find a successful tactic for expanding your referral network.

If you have questions about the affiliate program or other types of passive income streams with Peer2Profit, contact support or read other articles on our blog.