Best ways of money-making in 2022 for students


So here are our top picks on how you can make your income as a student in 2022. Some of them are more passive, others require active thinking or physical preparation — you are free to choose what suits you best. At the end of the blog you will know more about the sheer passive income we are to offer.

Let’s start with more active ways of earning

They can become your part-time jobs or first tries in your future career.


There are many types of modeling as well as agencies. Some of them are on the lookout for tall boys and girls to display clothes on runways. Others look for pretty or unique faces to take part in photo shoots for promotion. Contrary to the XX century, there are no strict body or face standards nowadays. So college and University teens can quickly find an agency to coop with. Research may be tiresome, but once you get hired, you make good money, and we talk about thousands of dollars per shoot. Modeling students find it easy to study off this money and even save up, as long as they meet the requirements. 


Etsy is a source for creative talents. Before it becomes their passive income in 2022, a student will have to get the hang of Etsying. You make handmade things, then you set up an Etsy shop, after which you try to sell your creations. First weeks and months are tough because you never know if your goods will sell well. Etsy takes a 4% processing fee. Yes it is a fee, yet a small sum compared to your profit.

On to more passive and in-home ways of money-making

Online surveys

Teenagers with heaps of free time should try this out. Taking part in online surveys brings you a few hundred dollars a month. The money is super easy to earn. You will find a number of websites where for surveys they offer cash or voucher rewards. Just share your view, be open, clear and fast filling in forms. Apart from pre-screen checks carried out, you’re good to go!

Review apps

This way of earning may seem new. It is mostly for the teens who are fond of SEO. There are lots of websites and apps that need optimization for the Net. Their owners need help. Students are to test out these apps for usability and bugs. The payment varies from $15 to $ 50 per task. If an owner requires technical support on a regular basis, they may offer further collaboration. Boys and girls who are into IT will find this path leading them to a real job and — bigger money!


This is for the responsible ones. If a student has a good command of English, if they want to continue with teaching, they are bound to try it. It is the right choice to teach the language to others when you are talented in linguistics! Even though taking TEFL is not cheap, you will be qualified and able to make money as a student at once. A nice passive income comes after you complete the course and start real teaching. Young teachers are very pleased with their payment (starting from $ 400 up to $ 3,000 per month), especially when they have many classes a day. See the Udemy TEFL complete course. It provides you with downloadables, full lifetime access to all info and certification on completion. You can find coupons over the Internet, the codes to get a ten per cent discount on all the training courses.


Who does not use cashback these days? Students use Quidco and Topcash actively. Cashback is a nice way to save hundreds of dollars by earning money back from buys. Add cashback from your family members too, and see it cover your college fees and University costs. Websites like Funds4uni are good, with over 4,000 retailers there. The routine is simple — you clear a buy, you reap the rewards!

Other cool ways to make money as a student in 2022

Blogging, freelancing, copywriting and tutoring are yet other options for generating money for many students out there. We have already reviewed these methods in our previous blogs. Still, if you’re searching for an in-home method, you can utilize our option. With Peer2Profit, you learn fast how to make passive income as a student. All you need is to sell unused bandwidth. Idle Internet connection can and should be monetized, especially since it is secure and risk-free.

Check out other articles to learn more about the Peer2Profit system. We have prepared enough information to let you know about the process of passive money-making in 2022. As a student, you’ll find this way of income quite profitable. Even more profitable than other ways we’ve mentioned today. For many of our users, selling unused bandwidth brings up to 300-500 per month. And isn’t it good cash for a college or University student?