Answering your questions about money-making


Peer2Profit stays on top of what our users say about the system. And since their primary concern is money-making, let’s talk about it today. We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions regarding income — why it fluctuates and ways to grow it.

We get it. Even with passive income, you want to be fully aware how exactly you generate money, where it comes from and why. And it’s good to keep an eye on your finances. We have already explained that what mostly matters for your earnings is population density in a certain area, and demand for your IP address. The demand for IPs is heterogeneous. Your geolocation (where you live, where you go out to eat, where you spend a vacation) influences how much you earn as you sell unused bandwidth. So the reason for your income fluctuations is obvious. 

But what about my day-to-day income fluctuation?

You may be saying, I understand why my income varies from place to place, but why is it not the same day-to-day? For example, I let the Peer2Profit app run throughout the day, but on Monday, Friday, and Sunday my earnings are different! Yes, correct. As you learn how to sell unused Internet bandwidth you notice how on different weekdays you earn different money. Again, it’s all because of the demand. Just like the impact from location, your day-to-day earnings are calculated in part on a supply and demand basis. 

There are high and low user days. This means that not all of Peer2Profit’s users share Internet every day. 

  • On low user days, traffic costs more because there’s less supply to feed the same demand. 
  • On high user days when more Peer2Profit’s users are online, traffic costs less since there’s more supply.

You can always test which days are more profitable in where you live so you know how to sell unused bandwidth and earn more from it. There can be a pattern where you notice how on workdays you’re paid more, and on holidays less. There are also high-use and low-use hours of the day. Moreover, the cash you get from high speed home Wi-Fi and from slower Internet speed mobile devices differs. Take this into consideration.

Earning more with the referral program

Rest assured, the Peer2Profit team is always on the lookout for ways to balance the system. Our number one task is to ensure users’ privacy and convenience in terms of monetizing their traffic. We want everyone to be paid fairly. Even if somebody wants to get more, they can utilize our referral program which compensates the effort with interest.

Share your link actively so it brings new referrals. You will receive 50% of the earnings of every referral friend who you invited to join the system. Active participation in the affiliate program broadens your network which results in nicer profit. For instance, our long-term users make $ 1,000 per month, which means you can achieve this level of income too. Read our blog posts to know all tips and tricks on how to make the most of selling your unused bandwidth!