AML and KYC principles


Peer2Profit helps you sell your bandwidth, and companies to purchase additional network bandwidth for their work. To protect both sides of the sale, we adhere to the principles of AML and KYC. In this article, you can learn what AML and KYC are and understand how they protect users (who sell bandwidth) and companies (our corporate customers who want to buy additional gigabytes). 


AML or “anti-money laundering” is a set of measures against money laundering, bank fraud, terrorist financing and so on. To provide AML, financial organizations have to:

  • verify customer’s data,
  • monitor financial transactions,
  • keep records of all procedures for subsequent audit,
  • check their activity and report suspicious information to the authorities.

The consequences of money laundering can be significant for countries.This mainly contributes to the growth of economic offenses and illegal entrepreneurship. Moreover, the illicit money itself, brought into the country, can devalue the currency. These consequences may cause concern among the authorities.

The implementation of reliable AML systems helps to identify unwanted participants in financial schemes. This protects clients from fraud, organizations from financial losses in transactions of any type: whether you are a major supplier of materials and products or just try to sell your bandwidth.

AML uses technologies such as machine learning and Big Data analytics.


KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and comes as a part of AML. It signifies process of collecting client’s data to verify their identity. Basically, companies want to know the following information:

  • name,
  • date of birth,
  • address.

The verification procedure can require certain credentials, such as your ID. The final set of data required from the client may vary depending on the requirements of the companies and their technical capabilities.

An example of high-tech KYC methods is the collection of customer biometric data.

AML / KYC and Peer2Profit

Peer2Profit follows AML and KYC principles for protecting our users. We work with companies whose data have been collected during KYC events. In addition to background checks, we systematically monitor our network usage to detect suspicious activity. This way you can be ensure that you only sell your bandwidth for legitimate purposes:

  • advertising analytics,
  • SEO practice,
  • brand protection,
  • price comparison.

The application of KYC and AML principles guarantees users regular payment for each gigabyte.

To ensure the financial security of users, our application does not have the ability to withdraw funds from the user's electronic wallet. With our app, you receive payments according to the method of receiving payments selected during registration.

More security information and tips on how to sell your bandwidth you can find on our blog.

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