7 top places to make money on free public Wi-Fi


The new year has just begun, but the question “how to earn passive income in 2023” is relevant. After spendings made on a festive table and Christmas gifts, it is nice to add one more legit online side hustle to the family budget.

What is Wi-Fi money?

Peer2Profit offers to: 

  • Sell unused bandwidth,
  • Encourage as many people as possible to join our platform via your personal referral link. It is an additional way to earn passive income in 2023 while idle.

The first method involves a chance to sell bandwidth for crypto or fiat money. Our official app works both for mobile bandwidth and Wi-Fi. How to make maximum money on it? Easily, if you have obtained free access to the Web. Wi-Fi money is a way to share your Internet staying connected to the wireless router.

One can stay online at home paying to the Internet service provider. Such pricing plans are often unlimited, and we mainly do not consume 100% of traffic. So we can sell unused bandwidth freely and have a perfect legit online side hustle the most time.

Among multiple factors determining the total amount of passive income earned is geolocation. One may change it during business trips or vacations, e.g. on holidays. That is when third-party Wi-Fi becomes the source of additional money.

Where to earn money by sharing Wi-Fi?

You can take a portable router anywhere, or share megabytes of your smartphone. But how will you earn passive income in 2023 on maximum considering the necessity of paying for the connection? 

No doubt, it is more profitable to get a connection for free. Or at least pay back your money spent on a sandwich or a cup of coffee. Compensate it by selling bandwidth for crypto or transfer to credit card.

The most popular places with free Wi-Fi are:

  1. Restaurants and fast food points
  2. Coffee shops and bars
  3. Malls, brick-and-mortar and retailing shops
  4. Libraries and cultural centers
  5. Laundromats and car services
  6. Parks and stadiums
  7. Motels and hotels.

Keep in mind that wireless Internet may be available even without official notice, e.g. in churches. The speed limit depends on the place’s popularity and its technological equipment to share Wi-Fi. The higher the Internet speed is, the more bandwidth you can sell. That is how to make more Wi-Fi money. Some blogs and magazines even make up the top lists of the most convenient public places in service with the fastest Wi-Fi. Thus, the CNET webpage has called the US Starbucks the best free Wi-Fi chain with average download speed over 50 Mbps.

Of course, such places can not deliver mountains of gold. But they are good at playing the role of Peer2Profit entry points for additional legit online side hustle.

How to find Wi-Fi spots?

There are two issues that might prevent successful selling bandwidth for crypto. One needs to find an Internet spot and then connect to it. The first problem is solved by checking yellow pages lists of local businesses or by a glance at Google Maps. 

The second issue is the need to get a Wi-Fi password. It is provided after making an order or receiving the service. All you need is to press the “on” button in the app, that is how to make Wi-Fi money in public places. But one can bypass the rule of mandatory order. There are online maps and applications who are keen on listing characteristics of wireless networks.

How to make Wi-Fi money safely?

The public connections may be harmful in terms of private data leakage or malware. No amount of money made selling bandwidth is worth passing credit card details to online crooks, or catching a web virus.

So be vigilant while surfing the web. Trust only KYC/AML sites. Check for the HTTPS letters in the beginning of the website address. That shows the secured status of the connection. Or just postpone updating your Instagram newsfeed until better times and leave only our app running in the background.

Peer2Profit is a simple and safe way to sell unused bandwidth through the earn money app, no matter where you are or what you are into. To run the application frequently and as much as possible — that’s how to earn more passive income in 2023.