7 passive income ideas for seniors


Numerous ways to make money, and every year some new ones appear. Earning money from Wi-Fi, who could imagine such a thing a dozen years ago? But most modern activities demand a lot of energy to be paid. It is not what one wishes to spend during golden years.

If one of your wishes for a New Year was to get some good online side hustles with Peer2Profit or other sites, pay some attention to the article below. We have gathered top 7 passive income ideas for senior Internet users wishing to follow their dreams instead of working day and night.

What are the main passive income stream ideas?

The main requirements for passive income, no matter what does it imply, e.g. sharing your Internet to make money or setting up a business, are:

  • Trusted partners
  • Awareness
  • Minimum efforts
  • Maximum profit.

The more you know about the theme you’re going to dive into, the larger effect you can expect. E.g. to sell unused bandwidth, one needs to study profile websites and look through the reviews.

The main ideas of passive income streams are:

  1. Investments
  2. Part-time business
  3. Renting your property
  4. Renting your stuff
  5. Selling things online
  6. Cashback programs
  7. Making money sharing your Internet.

Let's take a look at the benefits of each item on the list.

1. Investments

This method is suitable for those who own a significant amount of money to manage it freely.

The principle is simple. One puts savings in a rental property and rents it. Estimated income must cover the mortgage, if there is any, and bring some money over to its owner.

The variety of such income is also a method to put savings into a high-interest account.

2. Part-time business

Modern world offers plenty of good online side hustles for different ages. They include getting paid for your bandwidth, but are not limited to it. Our mission was to find good online side hustles, or offline, requiring the minimum of time to support.

Senior citizens, as well as students, may try something new to practice. You can share your knowledge through a personal blog, podcast or training courses, if you like writing or lecturing. All you need to earn money from, is Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

The good idea is to get started on writing a book. You will be able to realize your dreams while creating a story you would like to read. Online services such as Kindle have simplified the publishing process significantly.

3. Renting the property

You have an unused room, apartment or household, and you're able to rent them on your own terms. That is the only requirement. The length of house sharing is determined by you, while Airbnb, “Rent you space” and other online platforms can help with hosting people from other places.

4. Rent your stuff

By the way, why stop here? Rent any unnecessary belongings you own. You can:

  • Rent your driveway
  • Offer your backyard as a campsite
  • Rent a car, motorcycle, RV or camper van
  • Offer your sports or fishing gear for a charge.

The number of ideas is almost inexhaustible, one is allowed to rent working tools or transform the vehicle into an advertising billboard. Be sure, there is an online solution for almost each task. If not, be the first who created it and got enriched.

5. Selling things online

The least passive, but the most impressive way of earning. Any talents you have can help you. Self-made caps or t-shirts, household items, toys, etc. will fulfill the virtual store's range. Use the existing platforms, or run your own e-market. You can even sell unused bandwidth, if you find a reliable, high-trusted way to do it.

Place on eBay the unnecessary things. Be sure to get a trusted qualified appraiser before the garage sale or sending things to the e-market. It would be a pity to sell rare valuable antiques for $10. Use Internet photo stocks to earn on photographs you’ve made during holidays or road trips.

6. Cashback programs

Get back every cent the stores and malls owed you. Join popular cash rebates programs conducted by retail chains, banks and supermarkets. There are numerous cashback web portals and online stores returning their clients money they spent on shopping. 

7. Making money sharing your Internet

You are able to earn money from Wi-Fi or make money with high speed Internet while listening to music. It is the most passive and therefore good online side hustle.

Peer2Profit offers you to make money sharing your Internet. We commonly use only 10-15% of bandwidth we are provided with, so why waste it? 

Install the app from our official page, turn it on with a single click, and leave it on as long as possible. The app is free, safe, has no access to your private files or browser history. It sells unused bandwidth to our clients, who are in need of GBs in your area to do research, perform web analytics, and to promote their goods. 

Peer2Profit goes well with any other activity. Learn more about earning passive income from computers, and not only, in our blog.