6 ways to make money for students. How to make passive income in 2022


Let’s get to the topic that is close to millions of people around the world. How to make money while you’re studying is a subject of great interest. So here we are with 6 ways to make money for students and how to make passive income in 2022. We’re going to tell you how to make money with high speed Internet and get paid for your bandwidth. Combine passive and active income to reduce your student debt or save some extra for hanging out with friends.

How to make passive income as a student offline

1. Freelancing

There are two big pros to being a freelancer. First, a student is able to choose clients and size of payment. Second, they are able to work when they want. A freelancer is anyone from writing articles to designing clothes. The amount of money varies and depends on how much a person works, in what field, how serious, responsible and goal-oriented. Earnings are not limited to $100,000 a year. Many students rely on websites like Upwork. Use both a written proposal and your price to win a job offer. The faster you react, the luckier you are!

2. Play an extra

To those extra people who play in the background in movies, series and TV shows, the media gives up to $ 100. For many students this sum is not bad. Check out BeOnScreen which helps you get on set. For striving ones this is a nice opportunity to get higher. Fame doesn’t come quickly, and sometimes getting your 5 seconds in a flick is a start. Who knows, maybe it could be your ticket to more money! 

3. Mystery Shopping

This is for the beginners. First-year college students earn this way. A good little earner, which mystery shopping is, means you go to a store, buy something you are told, take notes of the purchase, and get your money back when the job is done. Also, you get paid for the job itself. Boys find this earning method fun, but on a deeper level, it requires thoughtful work, because you have to make thorough reports on your buys. How much students make by mystery shopping differs, good jobs offer $ 10, best jobs — to $ 200.

Ways to make money online for a student

4. Reviewing music, books, works of art

This way of money-making may seem old-fashioned, yet it’s popular in 2022. If you love art, be it music, paintings, sculptures or novels, you’re bound to try this out. Turn your music passion into money with MusicXray where you are to write reviews on what you listen to. Girls are usually more disciplined so they find it pretty simple to get some extra cash through reviewing. With diligence and consistency students end up with $ 50-100 a month.

5. Online selling

Another way how to make passive income as a student. Say hello to online sales boards and websites. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Chairish, Swappa are your friends from now on. Moreover, you can create your own online shop with Shopify, with a display of all the goods. For many students selling things is a serious earning method. You can buy new things and resell them at a higher price, or you can sell whatever you don’t need. eBaying brings sweet profit to many students, as they sell everything from old CDs to posh grandma’s sofa. $ 100- $ 5, 000 a month is not bad, right? 

6. Get paid for your bandwidth

Peer2Profit comes up with a wholesome way of reducing your education debts or paying off the fees. If you are looking for how to make passive income as a student, our application will help. To work with us and make money in 2022, you don’t need anything apart from high speed Internet, i.e. a good Wi-Fi signal or a stable mobile connection. 

You are free to choose among said 5 options for money-making but all of them are time-consuming. Ours is for students with little to no free time. The app keeps working while a student attends classes, or hurries for a side job, or earns extra money via freelancing. 

Contrary to the first 5 methods, our system offers more: 

  • Students of all ages and education years can join in,
  • Setting up the app takes seconds,
  • We ensure our users privacy, security so they don’t worry about personal information leakage. Folders and pictures on devices remain intact,
  • The money students make with high speed Internet is not limited; you start from $ 10 per month, continue with $ 20-40, and go on further with a bigger income above $ 100, $ 300, $ 500.

To get paid for your bandwidth and generate $ 1, 000, you need to take advantage of our referral system. The more active you are, the heavier cash flows in your wallet. And isn’t one thousand dollars on a monthly basis a pleasing financial support for a student in 2022?