6 ways how companies benefit from Peer2Profit


6 ways how companies benefit from Peer2Profit 

Today, Peer2Profit is going to review what exactly companies do with your IP address when you share your Internet connection. As you sell unused bandwidth willingly, businesses can gather data for their research using your IP address. Overall, what they do through your IP is see the world through your eyes. Let’s dive in this process.

There is barely a company or two that is not interested (and engaged) in collecting information about its competitors and customers. It’s all about marketing and its rules – to be on top, a company has to outrun its competitors to attract attention of customers. The higher the rank of the company, the more attention it has, the more the number of customers. Companies, banks, social networks and search engines are actively gathering information in order to expand their audience and better sell their services. They can obtain it as users share their unused bandwidth. Agencies are ready to pay – users are happy to earn!

On to what companies do with IP addresses they get from Peer2Profit’s users

No restrictions or censorship surfing the Web

As users sell their unused bandwidth through our network, many companies, agencies and individuals can access the Internet from a different location. Say, they reside in Australia and thanks to your IP address, they can go online as if they resided in the USA. Or, a businessman running a firm in Seattle has an opportunity to surf the Web with a Los Angeles IP address. This way, our users help companies view the Net as it is seen by real people, i.e. without any location-based restrictions or censorship. 

Getting open web stats

Collecting statistics from the Web is extremely important for any business aiming at development. Having a chance to go online without restrictions lets companies collect all the necessary data. The info is real and trustworthy and enables to plan SEO and marketing effectively.

Comparing prices, knowing the competitors

By selling their idle bandwidth users help companies compare price tags from region to region, get to know their competitors’ rates. Businesses rely on Peer2Profit’s network heavily as it plays an essential part in making their e-commerce and retail more successful.

Verifying ads

Ad verification implies that marketing agencies or SEO specialists can check whether their online advertisements are running correctly and on the webpages they’re supposed to be displayed.

Testing apps

Testing applications supposes that developers simulate Internet traffic from different countries. They check the localization results, and see how people from various regions and cities view the application. Doing this, developers can make sure the target audience gets the desired experience using the app.

Shielding copyright

Brand Protection is a very popular reason for buying users’ Internet connection. Thus companies scan the web for illegal copies of their brand’s logo, products, as well as other intellectual property violations. Not only does this practice help them protect their rights, but it also decreases the risk of purchasing a fake product online. The world’s most popular brands care for their uniqueness and do much to stop copyright violation.