6 options to make money for a student in 2022, including passive income


We have already listed a number of good ways how to make income as a student in 2022, including passive earnings. Check out our previous blogs. You can pick one or two ways and combine them with the option we offer. With Peer2Profit, you get paid for your bandwidth and have cash for nothing. For many middle and high school students out there our platform has become genuine for money-making.


This option is for A and B level students. Teaching people is not easy, it is not a cash for nothing method. A student can make good money provided they are responsible and hard-working. Tutoring implies knowledge, preparation, and desire to work with people. With 3 A levels you can tutor younger children in those subjects and gain minimum $30 an hour. Websites like My Tutor provide a place for young teachers to find children to teach.

Rent out your car parking space

Bet you haven’t heard about this money-making method! Cash for nothing? Probably. It is an odd yet resourceful way of utilizing your driveway space. This option is especially fruitful for students living near transportation links or prime locations. Websites like Just Park enable you to rent out your driveway space to people within a 5m radius for a set price per month.

Part time jobs

Good old method for everyone — any status, any age. It’s a good idea to think about your current skills, what you can do and how to benefit from it. If you are a newbie, check retail, hospitality, bar work. Getting a part time job holds many benefits. Firstly, you boost your CV skills section, secondly, you try your hand at whatever job taken up, and lastly, you get extra money. Not bad, right? Except it’s not passive income at all. As a student, in 2022 you can make money easier. And that’s how to do it…

Get paid for your bandwidth and earn passively

Peer2Profit comes with a different idea of generating money. Working with us, you get paid for your bandwidth and earn cash. In fact, you get money for doing nothing. 

The system is beyond simple. When you use the Internet daily, in fact most of the data plan remains unused. You only use a few megabytes a day while your monthly plan offers more. Why not turn them into money? The bandwidth that just sits in the background could be monetized. Your Internet traffic is of high value to marketing agencies, SEO specs, global companies looking to conduct their daily tasks online. Check out our FAQ and download the app to become our user!

Ideas for active and ambitious students

As a student, you can make money on both passive income and a side job or hobbies. Learn how to manage your time to be productive, and try these ideas in 2022.


YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are for video-creators while blogging is about writing. Typing your thoughts out, to be exact. Once a student finds their audience, widens it and writes a lot, their blog becomes eligible for money. Blogging websites allow posting Google ads as well as sponsored content. Growing the network of subscribers boosts both popularity and earnings. 

Start your own business

This is for enterprising and adventurous ones. If there is an idea in your head waiting to come to life, you can seek out support from your university. This is an excellent experience and a chance to see what you cost as a business person. Social media and online selling websites like Amazon will give you a base to kickstart a business and sell online. It is risky, yes, so if you are not ready to spend 24/7 online and solve tasks, start with a more comfortable and less nerve-wrecking option. 

With Peer2Profit you sell too, except for risks. You need no investments; you get paid for your bandwidth, and earn cash. It is our app that does all the work, and you do nothing. Our platform helps you sell your bandwidth, and companies to purchase this network bandwidth for their work. To protect both sides of the deal, we adhere to the principles of AML and KYC which guarantee security and transparency of the traffic monetization process.

Test our system for 2–3 months and get amazed how pocket money turns into $50-70, and into a hundred, and more while you don’t even stir a finger!