4 reasons why your friends should download the Peer2Profit app


Additional earnings, passive income, gig economy, freelance — in the present-day conditions we all are on the lookout for a way to make money. Even with a full-time job, for many people it’s not enough to live free and happy. The perfect option is finding how they can make more, be it gig markets, side jobs, online freelance projects or money-making apps. 

Peer2Profit has shared our scheme of earning more. In this blog, we post 4 good reasons for your friends and relatives to download our app. If your close ones look for a way to increase their monthly income, feel free to tell them about our money-making system, explain to them how to sell Internet bandwidth, and add these four reasons below.

1. Installing our app takes seconds

We have passed the times of slow-speed Internet when downloading an app took ages. The lighter the program, the better for the user. Peer2Profit had it in mind while designing the application. It is quick to download, easy to install, and simple to understand. We know that people of all age groups use it worldwide, so tell your family it won’t take them long to figure out what’s what! The app is available on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi and Huawei e3372h. They can run it on a PC and mobile devices, so hurry them up to grab a copy!

2. It takes only 3 steps to start earning

Once installed, the app needs a minute to start working. 

  • You sign in with your email used for signing up on our website peer2profit.com.

  • You get access to your personal account.

  • You start using the system (keep the app open when your Internet connection is idle).

As simple as that!

Everything inside the system is super user-friendly. Your mom, uncle, older relatives and even grandparents can (and should!) try it for themselves. We’ve made the buttons and controls straightforward, so everyone learns fast how to sell Internet bandwidth. 

3. More devices — more cash

Our app can be installed pretty much on anything, i.e. personal computers, laptops, smartphones… It is very likely that your family and friends have multiple devices at home and in the office. They can use their old (that aren’t being used) phones to sell Internet bandwidth. Employing said devices 24 hours a day 365 days a year guarantees good cash. Old phones rest in drawers and make money, isn’t it nice? All in all, the more devices running the app, the more ISPs, the higher the income!

4. The app works as you go on with your business

The beautiful part of our program is that it takes no effort from users. Again, we have designed it in the way so that people don’t have to do anything to earn passive money. The hardest part for your family is to learn the ABCs of how to sell Internet bandwidth. After that, they simply turn it on, let it run, and turn it off. Idle Internet power converts into dollars while users carry on with their routine. The app works in the background, cash flows in, users enjoy their pocket money!

And don’t forget to ask your friends for a review! TrustPilot has over 300 rates on Peer2Profit, with people sharing their stories about how to sell Internet bandwidth and max out of the process!