4 reasons why your acquaintances and coworkers should install our app


We have already named 4 reasons why your family and friends should download the Peer2Profit app, and how you can stimulate them to do so. In this blog, let’s focus on another group of people around you, acquaintances and coworkers. Usually, this category of people need more persuasion and arguments, that’s why we advise you to name these extra 4 reasons apart from the four already-mentioned.

1. Peer2Profit gives you genuine passive income

Everyone wants to find a perfect option of passive earnings. If your colleagues want too, tell them they can make money with high speed Internet — that’s the only thing they need. Generating passive income from monetizing traffic is pretty awesome! It is because it feels a lot like earning without having much to do. You install the app on as many devices as you have; you connect to our network whenever you’re willing; you earn first cash by simply sharing bandwidth. 

2. It’s free, investments-free

Tell your acquaintances that our system does not require investments, nor does it ask for fees, commissions or charges. Many similar apps cost from 3 to 20 dollars per download while ours is free. In the eyes of many, passive income involves investments or renting out goods that others may need or enjoy using.  

The sad truth about investments is that:

  • It is a complicated matter for most people. 

  • In order to make money you need to have money. 

In reality, not everyone has enough cash in their pockets to drop into stocks, buy real estate, or toss into high yield savings accounts. What’s worse, people never know if their investments will bring any profit. However, Peer2Profit requires zero effort from a user to generate cash. It’s users who make money with high speed Internet, all the rest is our responsibility!

3. With Peer2Profit, you always have enough pocket money

Be frank with your coworkers, the app won’t flood them with instant cash within a month, nor will they earn $ 100 quickly. But with steady progress they will make more and more money with their high speed Internet. They will generate enough to pay some bills: Wi-Fi and mobile data plan, premium accounts, monthly subscriptions, online in-game currency, etc. Again, put it straight for them, they are not going to get super rich by only using the app. If they want to go further and see up to $ 1,000 on a monthly basis, they can participate in the affiliate program.

Those who want to try themselves in network marketing are more than welcome to sign up. Some of your colleagues might want to give a go to the referral program.

4. We are helping world companies to improve their goods and services

One or two coworkers of yours may find this idea interesting. They may want to become a part of the community and help big agencies, banks, SEO specialists with their online business. Explain to your people at work that companies utilize Peer2Profit’s crowdsourced proxyware network to improve goods and services. Peer2Profit acts as an agent between the two parties. We rent out a user’s bandwidth and allow companies to use it (through a user’s IP address). These companies get the chance to access the internet through a different IP address/country than where they reside. It is a normal practice for marketing agencies, major businesses, search engines, etc. While a user makes money with their high speed internet, companies collect the data for their research and other business purposes. 

Sure enough, your mates will want to know more about how the system operates, its advantages and terms of use. They are free to visit our website peer2profit.com and see for themselves. Peer2Profit has become a nice side income project for many users worldwide!