4 popular Christmas and New Year wishes worldwide


Did you know what are the four most popular Christmas and New Year wishes in the world? We are here to slip the curtain down and let you see what’s on the mind of billions of people. Maybe you are among those 4 types of wishers!

All I want for Christmas is…

Okay, let’s put it straight, people in 2021 are no different from people in 2020 or 2019 when it comes to making a wish. Every year every century billions wish for the same things: health and wealth. Christmas and New Year wishes this year are similar to what they were in previous times, both AD and BC. So here are the 4 main things most of us want:

  1. To earn cash for nothing,
  2. To be smart without studying,
  3. To love without getting hurt,
  4. To eat without getting fat.

To be frank (oh no, it is not another holiday wish!), all of them are easy to achieve. With persistence, experience and life wisdom every wish can (and should) come true. 

Check out the first most popular holiday wish. Looks like money-making is a priority. It is quite understandable. People all around the globe have to work hard and a lot to be able to buy what they need, live in good conditions, provide for the family, and save for a rainy day. To earn cash for nothing wouldn’t be bad. That is why millions of us are always looking for ways how to. Easy money, free dollars, passive income — when it comes to money-making, we all want this magical profit stream.

Get paid for your bandwidth to get cash for nothing

Peer2Profit comes up with said magical tool to help you get cash for nothing. We pay you for your bandwidth while you… do whatever you want. Earning without working 

is a genuine passive income and a great way to finally start saving. You don’t have to invest a ton of time into it, nor does it require financial investments. You share your traffic, you get paid for your bandwidth, you collect $$ effortlessly. 

Winter holidays are for chilling out with friends, staying with your family, enjoying seasonal sports, playing snowballs, so you are free to choose a pastime and go for it. Or, while our app is helping you make money, you could focus on 3 other wishes above. With the first one crossed out, think about the rest of the list. Alternatively, you could always remember your New Year resolutions and start reaching your 2022 goals!