2022 is all about online safety


YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) web pages or content is a term by Google referring to web sites that, Google believes, could impact ‘the future happiness, health, safety, or financial stability.’ If presented imprecisely, incorrectly or confusingly, the information could directly influence the reader’s well-being. If your YMYL note, article, piece of news or other type of content has bad advice or misleading information, it could harm your audience's lives and livelihood. In other words, the stakes are high for this type of content. SEO specialists have unofficially called 2022 a year of online safety, as everything that goes on the Web this year should be checked twice.

Understanding Google deeper, it is very clear why the search engine came up with the YMYL algorithm. Google wants to give people high-quality web content: trustworthy, discreet, and safe. Be it a short article on how to make passive income as a student in 2022, a shared link or a downloadable app to earn money with, all has to fall under the ‘Your Money or Your Life’ condition.

Is Peer2Profit legit?

Peer2Profit as a platform, a service and an app falls under the YMYL category. We don’t work with companies that don’t follow the terms of our agreement, nor do we deal with users who breach our Privacy Policy. Our terms and conditions are clearly put in the FAQ. 

Is Peer2Profit safe?

When it comes to security, every share and earn money app should be verified before downloading. Say, if a person is looking for how to make passive income as a student in 2022 through a program, they’d better rely on review sites such as TrustPilot. By checking process logs and data use, our users have verified that the application isn't using their hardware. This means no data leakage, no browsing history registration. This is what differs our app from crypto miners, which need system resources to run.

The process of signing up and launching the app is simple. We only ask for your email and preferable payout method. We don’t need your personal documents data. Moreover, the process of bandwidth selling implies end-to-end encryption, which means you share the idle Internet connection and nothing beyond it.

Is Peer2Profit ethical?

We are continuously checking all activities in our network. This way we can be sure that the system is secure and isn’t used for harmful actions. Also, we only work with well-known and reliable companies, agencies and individuals. In turn, these companies do not get published. That is understandable due to business confidentiality. 

Each business client gets approved before they can start using the network. If we have 100 new clients queued, they will be verified individually. By this we can guarantee safety to our users when they utilize our share and earn money app. Be it a USA citizen, a Frenchman or a person from Sweden — we can keep them safe worldwide. YMYL, after all!